Sky Dental

Sky Dental NYC

Organization: Sky Dental is the dental practice of Dr. Wonnie Rhieu with locations in Midtown and the Financial District in Manhattan.

Platform: This website was created in WordPress.


Dr. Rhieu already had some fantastic branding when we started working together, I mean how awesome is that logo? There was a bit of an issue when it came to scrolling down the page and still allowing users to view the entire logo (specifically the Chrysler Building mast) since the home page has a few different sections with different background colors. I was able to come up with a work around that involves two different versions of the mast on the same image that aren’t visible unless you’re in the correct portion of the home page. Look at the logo in the upper left hand corner and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the full effect.

Maintenance: I do not currently maintain this site.